Occupons pour le Futur

« Nous avons tous dans notre enfance affiché un dessin sur un mur afin de le partager avec les autres, » dit Michaël Fortin, l’auteur de ce court-métrage tourné sur la Place des Peuples.


Merci, Michaël!


nous somme encore ici — et les mères occupent!

Il commence a faire froid mais il y a encore en espace pour les enfants et familles. Depuis deux semaines il est situé au nord de la sortie de métro Square-Victoria au NORD de la statue (l’embouchure de métro qui imite les embouchures parisiennes). Vous y trouverez quelques jouets d’extérieur ainsi qu’une tente dans laquelle on peut se reposer.


Here are a few recent links on the power of parents in the occupy movement.

Moms and Kids ‘occupy’ Oakland Wells Fargo branch, close accounts:

Angry that Wells Fargo took federal bailout money and is now posting record profits, a group of moms and their children rallied at an Oakland branch Friday and closed their accounts.
The « Colorful Mamas of the 99 Percent » tried to enter the bank, but the doors were shuttered soon after the protest began about noon at the branch on Franklin street.
The group of 40 marched from Snow Park nearby with about 10 strollers and kids in their arms and carried a banner that said: « Teach Big Banks to Share: We’re Moving Our Money. »

How Every Mother Can Occupy Wall Street:

It makes you stop and think, doesn’t it? So, if you’re not home perpetually fussing over your children, but trying to make a difference in a movement you believe in… THAT makes you a “bad” mom?

I don’t like that. I don’t like that one little bit. In fact, it should be the other way around. A mother who takes action to create a better future for her children should be considered a “good” mother, right? I get really irked when moms are shelved and categorized as beings meant ONLY to cluck over their wee ones. That’s it. Don’t you dare shift your interests or think outside that parenting box.  Because, if you do, your children will suffer.

photos 15 & 16 oct. 2011

réunion du comité enfants/familles – children/families committee meeting

Désirez-vous faire partie de l’initiative « familles & enfants »?

Joignez-vous à notre équipe Samedi le 22 octobre à 11h (avec ou sans les enfants–ceci est une réunion inclusive qui reflète nos valeurs et nos vies!). Trouvez-nous à la Place des Peuples (Carré Victoria), au sud-ouest du parc devant la bannière « familles & enfants » dans l’espace situé à l’arrière des comités.

Nous discuterons des points suivant:

  • les rôles et les responsabilités des membres du comité (afin de connaître et de respecter les talents et les intérêts de chacun).
  • internet et réseaux sociaux
  • activités pour enfants sur la Place des Peuples
  • actions d’appuie portés hors-site
  • initiatives appuyants les familles et les programmes communautaires sur la Place des Peuples
  • initiatives de sensibilisation communautaire (hors-site) à court et long terme
  • sommaire des points socio-économiques qui affectent les familles et début d’une réflexion sur nos inquiétudes et nos demandes
Pour plus d’infos sur le comité et sur le projet, ou pour offrir des suggestions, contactez nous à famillesoccupent@gmail.com


Would you like to join the « children & families » initiative?

Join us on Saturday, October 22nd at 11am for our first committee meeting (with or without the kids–this is an inclusive meeting reflecting our values and our lifestyle!). Find us at the southwest corner Peoples’ Plaza (Square Victoria) by the « enfants & familles » banner in the children’s area, right behind the committees area.

We will attempt to address the following points:

  • roles and responsibilities (in an effort to understand and respect each member’s talents and interests)
  • internet and social networking
  • on-site activities for children
  • off-site actions of support
  • on-site initiatives in support of families and community programs
  • short and long-term community outreach initiatives
  • broad outline of points of social/economic contention directly affecting families
For more information on the committee and the project, or to offer suggestions, contact us by email at famillesoccupent@gmail.com

Kids on Wall Street: « Banks Won’t Share »

Columbus day became a huge event for kids on Wall Street. OWS asked families to bring their children to the protest on the American holiday and kids from across the city, representing various communities, stood as a group and attempted to answer one question: « why are you here? »

Alice Speri talked to a few grade-schoolers for the NYTimes blog, City Room:

Caleb Horowitz, 7, a second grader at Public School 116 in Manhattan, said he had joined the protest “to protect animals, and because some people are very poor and have no homes and food — stuff like that.”

He proudly waved the sign he had painted for the occasion: “Be fair to all things. Eat less meat. Some people have no homes, food, water. I always see a person with nofing.”

“I wrote all of this,” he explained. “And it’s true. I know a guy that is homeless.”

“He sleeps next to our home,” Caleb’s 4-year-old brother, Toby, interjected. His own sign read, “No killing animals.”

More at City Room

Here’s a short piece about kids on wall street by Monifa Bendele in the HuffPost.

The ideas expressed by children as they assembled on Columbus day, says Bendele, demonstrate the extent to which « kids get it ».

Here are a few gems from the children:

« We are here because it is mean not to share and the banks are not sharing. »

« Some people are not sharing and they control a lot of money that could help our schools and hospitals. And they are only like 1 percent. »

« Sometimes people don’t want to understand that what they are doing is wrong. Especially, when they don’t want to stop doing it. »

Read more over at the HuffPost: Children Occupy Wall Street: It’s About Sharing. They Get It! Why Doesn’t Everyone?

These kids are all over the internet, check out this image gallery on Buzzfeed.


Merci pour votre présence et votre enthousiasme. Nous ajouterons des photos et des textes dans les jours à venir.

Si vous avex des photos, des textes, des idées à partager sur le blogue, faites-nous les parvenir à famillesoccupent@gmail.com


Please send us you pictures, your words, and your ideas relating to the event and the movement: famillesoccupent@gmail.com

les enfants occupent! – children occupy!


Les familles du Carré Victoria – Families at Square Victoria

Les familles montréalaises sont présents au Carré Victoria en grand nombre. Partout on peut voir des poussettes, des portes-bébés, des enfants qui dansent, qui chantent, qui bricolent, et qui écoutent. En effet, nos enfants nous écoutent, ils nous regardent. Ils participent avec nous dans ce grand moment citoyen.

Le Carré Victoria sera rebaptisé à 15h. Joignez-vous a nous pour cette journée qui se déroule dans la paix et dans le respect.


There are Montreal families all over Victoria Square. Scattered throughout the area, one sees strollers, baby carriers, and children dancing, singing, drawing and listening. Listening? Yes. Our children are watching and listening–they are eager participants in this overwhelming display of citizen involvement and action.

Square Victoria is to be renamed and the ceremony starts at 3pm. Join us on this day of peaceful and respectful protest.

venez nous voir!

Nous sommes à McGill et St-Jacques!


À vos marques… – Get set…


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