Kids on Wall Street: « Banks Won’t Share »

Columbus day became a huge event for kids on Wall Street. OWS asked families to bring their children to the protest on the American holiday and kids from across the city, representing various communities, stood as a group and attempted to answer one question: « why are you here? »

Alice Speri talked to a few grade-schoolers for the NYTimes blog, City Room:

Caleb Horowitz, 7, a second grader at Public School 116 in Manhattan, said he had joined the protest “to protect animals, and because some people are very poor and have no homes and food — stuff like that.”

He proudly waved the sign he had painted for the occasion: “Be fair to all things. Eat less meat. Some people have no homes, food, water. I always see a person with nofing.”

“I wrote all of this,” he explained. “And it’s true. I know a guy that is homeless.”

“He sleeps next to our home,” Caleb’s 4-year-old brother, Toby, interjected. His own sign read, “No killing animals.”

More at City Room

Here’s a short piece about kids on wall street by Monifa Bendele in the HuffPost.

The ideas expressed by children as they assembled on Columbus day, says Bendele, demonstrate the extent to which « kids get it ».

Here are a few gems from the children:

« We are here because it is mean not to share and the banks are not sharing. »

« Some people are not sharing and they control a lot of money that could help our schools and hospitals. And they are only like 1 percent. »

« Sometimes people don’t want to understand that what they are doing is wrong. Especially, when they don’t want to stop doing it. »

Read more over at the HuffPost: Children Occupy Wall Street: It’s About Sharing. They Get It! Why Doesn’t Everyone?

These kids are all over the internet, check out this image gallery on Buzzfeed.

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